Fraud and Abuse, Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark I & II and Other Regulations


An increasingly complex labyrinth of federal and state statutes and regulations governs the healthcare industry, with federal and state agencies continually scrutinizing healthcare providers. Our healthcare attorneys monitor and advise clients on statutes and regulations to ensure compliance with such complex laws as: the Medicare anti-kickback statute, Stark I and II statutes, the Federal safe harbor regulations, state anti-self referral laws, state insurance laws, and licensing board regulations. The day is long past when a healthcare practice or business can be safely operated without guidance as to the impact of these rules. Yet too often, legal advice relating to these rules takes the form of telling the client what he or she cannot do. At Flaster Greenberg, we adopt a more positive and pro-active approach, understanding the business objectives of our client and finding a way to achieve those objectives within the applicable legal framework.


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