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Elder and Disability Law


The Elder and Disability Law Practice at Flaster Greenberg assists the elderly, the disabled and their families in rising to the challenges of longevity, disability, and identifying the best care and the way to pay for that care, often with public benefits.

At Flaster Greenberg, every client matters.  Every client’s situation is unique and deserves a carefully crafted solution, not a “one size fits all” approach.  With compassion and experience, we provide the clear explanations and strategic solutions you deserve to help you:

  • Determine how to pay for long-term care and preserve assets in a crisis
  • Fund expensive medications
  • Obtain respite care
  • Manage the financial burden of long-term care
  • Assist you in making good decisions regarding your loved one’s care
  • Plan in advance to pay for long-term care
  • Preserve independence and safety at home as long as possible
  • Obtain home and community based services
  • Secure long-term care placement
  • Choose a continuing care retirement community
  • Protect the family home and the assets saved over a lifetime
  • Preserve a legacy
  • Empower a competent, ABLE account beneficiary to exercise control over funds in an ABLE account while paying for qualifying disability expenses
  • Protect funds to enrich the lifestyle of a disabled beneficiary without jeopardizing eligibility for public benefits, including Medicaid and SSI.
  • Fulfill obligations as a guardian, trustee, executor or administrator
  • Decide whether and when to execute a POLST (physician’s order for life sustaining treatment)

The Elder and Disability Law Practice at Flaster Greenberg employs a holistic approach and encompasses guardianships, conservatorships, defending in involuntary commitment hearings, medicare advocacy, medicaid planning, special needs and supplemental benefit trusts, nursing home admissions and advocacy, medicaid applications and fair hearings, Veteran’s aid, attendance pension benefit, trust, tax and estate planning (wills, advance directives, powers of attorney, trusts and deeds).

When necessary, we fight zealously to protect our clients’ rights in both the state administrative courts and the federal courts.


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