Susie Cirilli Quoted in Philadelphia Inquirer Article About New Overtime Rules

| The Philadelphia Inquirer
Gene Marks

This article originally ran in The Philadelphia Inquirer on October 18, 2022. All rights reserved.

Gene Marks, The Philadelphia Inquirer  writer, recently interviewed Flaster Greenberg Labor & Employment Shareholder Susie Cirilli about the new overtime rules coming from the Department of Labor. Mr. Marks reviews how small businesses can prepare for possible changes to federal regulations on overtime pay. Read the article here. Login may be required.

Mr. Marks wrote, "Will the amount of overtime compensation that you are required to pay your employees go up soon? It certainly looks like it."

“We’re not sure of the details yet,” said Susie Cirilli, a lawyer with Flaster Greenberg in Center City. “But we’re telling our clients that they should definitely expect these changes to happen sometime soon.”

For starters, Cirilli is advising her clients to revisit all their employee job descriptions.

“Go through each position and make sure that they’re completely up to date,” she said. “Determine what the roles and duties are for potentially eligible employees and then evaluate whether or not they truly are exempt or nonexempt” from current rules.
“It’s always an unhappy or disgruntled employee that makes a complaint,” Cirilli said. “In the end, it will always be easier if you’re keeping your employees happy and paying them the correct way.”
This article originally ran in The Philadelphia Inquirer on October 18, 2022. Login may be required.All rights reserved.

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