Family Feud Reaches New Heights

| Courier-Post

In a family feud in which two brothers sought control over the personal estate and estate plan of their wealthy octogenarian father, jeweler Harry Sable, Kenneth Goodkind represented one of the brothers, Michael Sable. Goodkind’s client had been disinherited after a later will had been executed, leaving the entire estate to his brother Barry Sable. A three-judge panel ruled that the second will had been drawn up as a result of undue influence, and reverted to the terms of the earlier will that had divided the assets evenly among the brothers. Goodkind commented, “We are very pleased with the decision, but it was sad we had to go through a trial and everything to get to this point,” he said. The judges also ordered that Barry return over $700,000 to the estate as well as pay legal expenses for his brother Michael.  

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