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Tipping: Servers Fear Trump Rule Could Change Who Controls Tips

February 2, 2018 | The Asbury Park Press
Michael L. Diamond

J. Philip Kirchner was quoted in an article by The Asbury Park Press this week covering the implications of a proposed Trump administration rule that would change who gets tips at restaurants. The new rule would allow employers to redistribute tips to reward kitchen staff whose wages traditionally have lagged behind waiters and bartenders. The proposition has sparked controversy among the public over who should be entitled to these gratuities and whether this new rule would allow restaurant owners to skim the money for themselves. Kirchner states that, "If the government were really trying to open the tip pool to more people, more employees, it could easily say tips could be shared with non-tipped employees." He also poses the question, "If you're cynical, why wouldn't an employer keep it to himself? If this is a way to get more money, why not?"

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