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Pennsylvania's Latest Tax Amnesty Program Expires Soon

May 22, 2017 | Legal Alert

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania currently has a tax amnesty program which started on April 21, 2017 and will soon end on June 19, 2017.  This program gives delinquent Pennsylvania taxpayers a limited-time opportunity to become current on their Pennsylvania taxes. Taxpayers who participate in the program will pay no penalties and only half of the interest that would otherwise have been due. In exchange, taxpayers must timely file all tax returns and pay their tax liabilities during the following two years.  

Taxpayers that participated in Pennsylvania’s 2010 tax amnesty program are ineligible. In addition, 2016 tax liabilities are not covered by the program. 

Taxpayers are able to find out if and how much they owe in taxes. Business taxpayers can request and receive a detailed Statement of Account that shows liabilities at Individual taxpayers can verify current liabilities at

Taxpayers seeking to participate in the program should act fast since the amnesty window expires soon. If you have questions, we invite you to contact one of our tax attorneys listed below. 

Justin H. Brown | T: 856.382.2230

Bernard Eizen | T: 215.587.5678

Stephen M. Greenberg | T: 856.661.2261

Steven S. Poulathas | T: 856.382.2255

Markley S. Roderick | T: 856.661.2265

Peter R. Spirgel | T: 856.661.2267

Renee C. Vidal|  T: 856.382.2250

Alan H. Zuckerman | T: 856.661.2266

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