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GCLEA Presents "A Little Bit About Wills" Featuring Jane Fearn-Zimmer

Gloucester County Legal Education Association
November 3, 2018

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This all-day Saturday Session provides a wide variety of topics. Breakfast, lunch, open bar with cocktails & hors d’œuvres are included. Earn most of your required CLE credits in one session


A Little Bit About Wills:  This will be a discussion covering some common and not-so-common issues that arise when drafting wills.  The focus will then turn to tax planning topics.  Even with the abolition of the NJ Estate Tax, there remain some tax planning opportunities – these will be reviewed.  We also will address ethical questions arising when dealing with estates, gifts, wills & trusts.

Top 10 Tips for Law Firms & Their Clients on Cybersecurity:  Cybersecurity is the biggest issue facing organizations today.  We face an unprecedented number of attacks on a variety of industries every day.  Unlike other threats to a business that are more sporadic, cybersecurity is a daily threat – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  And while no one can predict with any certainty what lies ahead, the evidence is clear – cybersecurity is a concern that is here to stay.  With nearly 43% of all cyber-attacks focused on small business, a company’s size has little to do with the frequency of the incidents.  The ramifications of a breach to a law firm can be far reaching, costly and time consuming.  Cyber experts universally agree that the large amount of client info/data maintained by law firms makes the legal profession particularly alluring to cyber criminals. Couple this honeypot of information with an attorney’s ethical obligations, and you have a recipe for disaster.  This presentation will go through the top 10 tips for law firms and their clients involving cybersecurity.  We will provide an overview of how law firms can evaluate their systems and protocols to decide whether these systems are “secure” enough and what is “secure” enough?  The presentation will review “best practices” in cybersecurity and touch on information governance, breach response, and the significance of the extensive state and federal breach notification requirements. We will also review our ethical obligations as attorneys and how those obligations intersect with cybersecurity. 

Avoiding Malpractice and Other Hedaches in Dividing Retirment Acounts:  This seminar will cover the importance of retirement accounts in Family Law cases.  A hypothetical mediation scenario will be included.  Key terms will be explained.  Tax issues, present value calculations, identifying "normal" benefits and the importance of timing will be discussed.

Dividing Federal and Military Retirment Acounts:   Limiting exposure for failure to include specific benefits will be talked about.  Appropriate formulas for dividing pensions as well as the definitions of “gross disposable retirement pay”; self-only vs. gross vs. net annuity; cost-of-living adjustments and the CPI will be examined.

Zoning and Land Use Basics: will cover the basic formations and responsibilites of Zoning and Planning Boards, types of applications before each Board (variances, site plans, subdivisions, etc.), proper evidence, and how to effectively deal with Land Use Boards during the application process.  Also, making a strong presentation before Land Use Boards and how to best prepare your case and win in the event that an appeal of a negative Land Use Board decision is required.  The ethical problems present in this area of practice will be covered. 

Identifying Coverage for Construction Claims:  The speaker will review the property and casualty insurance policies that contractors typically buy, discuss the common features that govern which important exposures are and are not covered with reference to recent case law and industry trends, and suggest practical tips for litigating coverage disputes.  


Continuing Legal Education

PACLE, NJCLE & CPE credits available. 
NJ 8.0 Substantive, 2.4 Ethics
PA 6.5 Substantive, 2.0 Ethics


7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Westwood Golf Club
850 Kings Highway
West Deptford, NJ 08096


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